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Portugal in Numbers

Clinical Research as a strategic priority for the country

In the last years, there has been a significant growth in number and sample size of clinical trials in Portugal covering different therapeutic areas and Clinical Research Centers

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27th place
The Global Competitiveness Report (2019)
13th place
Euro Health Consumer Index (2018)
4th place
Global Observatory on Health R&D (2022)
Biggest performance increase compared to 2018 within the group of "Strong Innovators"
European Innovation Scoreboard
1.5 normalized citation impact
Produção Científica Portuguesa: Indicadores Bibliométricos 2016-2020 – DGEEC (February 2022)
Submitted and Approved Clinical Trials
Source: INFARMED, I.P.
Clinical Trials submitted by phase
Source: INFARMED, I.P.
Clinical Trials submitted by therapeutic area
* Endocrine System (H), Genital-Urinary System and Sex Hormones (G), Dermatological (D), Various (V) Antiparasiticides and Insecticides and Repellents (P) | Source: INFARMED, I.P.
Evaluation and authorization of clinical trials involving medical devices
Source: Relatórios Atividade INFARMED
Submitted Clinical Trials by Sponsor Type
Source: INFARMED, I.P.
Average approval decision time (in calendar days)
Source: INFARMED, I.P.
Average time to issue ethical opinion for conducting a clinical trial (working days)
Source: CEIC
Ethical opinion for conducting a clinical trial
Source: CEIC